We’re Open

We are delighted to have our business open again!

Our main aim is to make your gym visits as stress free as possible. We are aware it’s going to be a little bit different but we are set on maintaining our friendly, welcoming and positive gym environment.

We ask that you adhere to the 1mt social distancing regulations at all times in all areas. Our studio floor has been marked out for you and we ask that you stay within 1mt of your allocates area during class.
We will be monitoring attendance at peak times and as a result you may have a short wait to access the premises.
When attending classes in our main studio we ask that you leave via the rear exit door in the studio after class.

1. On arrival and when exiting the gym please use the hand sanitiser provided.
2. At reception you will be provided with a pre soaked anti bacterial cleaning cloth. This cloth is to be used to clean ALL equipment and surfaces that you touch during your visit. When leaving simply place your used cloth in the wash basket at the door.
3. Spray sanitiser is located at stations throughout the gym and in all studios for using on equipment and surfaces.
4. Please wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser provided at cleaning stations.
5. We DO NOT require you to wear gloves and masks but if you feel safer with these items please bring your own. GLOVES & MASKS NEED TO BE DISPOSED OF IN BINS AND NOT LITTERED OUTSIDE.
6. Sweat towels are NOT to be used to wipe down equipment. Please use the cloth and sanitiser provided for all cleaning.
7. If you have your own exercise mat please bring it to classes.
8. We have always maintained a high standard of cleanliness in our gym but we will be increasing this to help keep our gym a really safe place for you to train.

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